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Book Signings – December 3rd and 4th 2016

SAVANNAH, GA – NOVEMBER 10, 2016 Asbury Memorial United Methodist Church’s well-known Minister, Billy Hester has written his first book, which will be launched on December 1st 2016 just in time for holiday gifts.  There will be a special book signing event at famous Savannah bookstore –      E. Shaver at 326 Bull Street from 1-3pm on Saturday December 3rd 2016 and at Asbury Memorial United Methodist Church at 1008 E. Henry Street on Sunday December 4th 2016 at 12.30pm after the service.

The Rev. Billy Hester’s book is titled “Wow! Moments: Stories of Awe, Wonder, Grace, and Synchronicity.”  It is printed by Amazon subsidiary CreateSpace and is priced at $10.  It is semi-autobiographical in nature and highly readable incorporating spirituality and life lessons with very honest accounts of the author’s own very human experiences and challenges. Hester draws upon WOW moments from his own life as a child in Savannah, as an actor in New York and in his ministry in both cities.


“This book wants to consider the not-so-everyday miracles – things that make us go, ‘Wow! That’s incredible!’ Yes, a jaw-dropping sunset or a huge super-moon can make us go, ‘Wow!’ But I am referring to things that seem out of the ordinary – moments of synchronicity,” Hester said. “Synchronicity is when two or more circumstances come together in a coincidental and meaningful way. These unique coincidences often inspire people to think more deeply about their lives and their faith. So these moments are not simply coincidences, they are meaningful coincidences which demonstrate that there is a higher power and that we are not here alone.”

Hester began what he calls his `Wow’ journal as a young man in New York City when he was pursuing an acting career in the early 1980s and began writing down the everyday “wow” moments he encountered. And thus, a book was born. He hopes this work will encourage others, strengthen their faith and compel them to create their own “wow” journals.

Many well-known figures from Savannah and New York have reviewed Hester’s new book including:

Jayne Atkinson – Tony Award Nominee for the Broadway Shows The Rainmaker and Enchanted April “I laughed and cried out loud in recognition………….what a beautiful and uplifting tool for life.”

Rabbi Robert Haas, Congregation Mickve Israel in Savannah “Billy Hester helps us recognize the Wow moments we’ve all experienced – instances where all the stars align in our lives, when the fates turn in our favour, that we understand the wondrous nature of the world.”

Hester, who is originally from Savannah, attended Valdosta State University and earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre in 1981.  After launching his acting career in `The Big Apple’ he took the decision to attend seminary. He graduated from Princeton Theological Seminary with a Masters of Divinity in 1989. From there, Hester served at Marble Collegiate Church, church of Dr. Norman Vincent Peale. He also took Clinical Pastoral Education at New York Hospital and Memorial Sloane Kettering Cancer Center before returning to Savannah in 1993. Hester and his wife, Cheri, have four children, Chelsea, Christi, Wendell and Wesley and five dogs.

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