So you’ve heard about spray on bedliners.

Perhaps you’ve even done your research about the many reasons why a spray on bedliner from Liberty LINE-X is far superior to a drop in bedliner (if not, check out our blog post about spray on bedliners). You probably already know that our bedliners are installed by highly trained technicians to offer you a first-rate experience. You might have even heard that our bedliners are backed by a lifetime warranty. 

But are you curious about how it works? Are you uncertain about applying a permanent bedliner to your truck? And what is the installation process, anyway? Will you be without your truck for a long time? We’d like to answer those questions by taking you on a behind the scenes tour of our spray on bedliner application process.




Before application can begin, we need to get your truck prepped to receive treatment. We start with cleaning the truck bed, disconnecting rear-view cameras, removing any truck bed accessories (toolboxes, tie-downs, etc.) and removing the tailgate. Next, we make certain your truck is fully protected from any overspray or possible damage from the application process. We do this by covering and taping off any parts of the truck that will not be sprayed.




Once your truck is cleaned and taped off, we sand the interior of your truck bed and the edges by hand, ensuring all uneven surfaces are carefully sanded and scuffed to create a strong bond. Once sanding is complete, we blow out the truck bed and give it a thorough wipe-down to remove all debris.




Now it’s time to spray! We move your truck bed into an enclosed clean area to begin the application. Using a professional, high-pressure sprayer, we thoroughly spray your truck bed with a protective coating, promising a thick and even coverage. 

Because of the rapid cure process of the coating, we can apply several layers in a short amount of time. A final protective and finishing coating is then applied to the truck bed.




Your truck is almost done! Once the spray on bedliner has dried, we begin the finishing process. We first remove all tape edging, which separates the masking from the liner. This tape provides nice, clean edges for your truck bedliner. Once the tape has been removed, we can take off the rest of the protective plastic.  

Before you can drive your truck out of the shop, we must reinstall any accessories that were removed prior to spraying. We’ll give your truck one final wipe down, and you’re off with a high-quality, durable protective covering for your truck bed. 



Your truck is now ready to take you on any adventure you can imagine-without the worry of scratches, rust, or damage to your truck bed. Additionally, your new bedliner will provide you with a skid-resistant surface for all your cargo. 

Whatever project you have in mind, a spray on bedliner from Liberty LINE-X is exactly what you need to get the job done without damaging your truck bed.