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Delivering Modern Strategies That Solve Today’s Complex Workplace Problems” 

WASHINGTON DC – November 30, 2022 – Today BlueDragon IPS, the leader in modern root cause analysis and problem-solving training, announced the launch of the BlueDragon Integrated Problem-solving System (IPS), a versatile, universal, 21st-century approach to providing solutions to complex problems in today’s workplaces. This launch follows extensive and successful prototype testing within the nuclear energy and weapons sectors, and BlueDragon IPS is now ready to expand further into the Department of Defense and aerospace.   

“Following several successful and high-impact projects with the Department of Energy and their contractors, we are very pleased to launch the latest generation of our problem-solving system, BlueDragon IPS,” said Rob De La Espriella, Founder and Chief Executive Officer. 

BlueDragon’s mission is to empower organizations to solve problems that are deeply embedded into today’s workplaces. By using modern strategies that deliver solutions to save lives and prevent the waste of valuable resources, the BlueDragon Integrated Problem-solving System is proven to equip organizations with the skills needed to solve 21st-century problems. 

When asked about the development of root cause analysis tools and problem-solving techniques, De La Espriella said: “Six Sigma gained traction in the 1980s, and the Ishikawa Fishbone and 5-Whys techniques were developed in the 1930s and 1940s. While these tools and others like them were great at solving the problems of those eras, the modern working environment is very different and much more complex. Those tools rose to prominence before widespread use of the internet, smartphones, search engines, and advanced data handling tools. Connectivity was in its infancy in the 1980s, and China was just starting its transition from a predominately agricultural to an industrial economy. 21st-century problems need a 21st-century approach, and BlueDragon IPS meets that need,” he said. “We developed this system over the last five years and it integrates the best elements of traditional Root Cause Analysis tools, adding the latest concepts from Lean, Agile, Systems Theory and the human behavioral sciences, along with a strong foundation of critical thinking,” he adds. 

Studies show that businesses and organizations are losing trillions of dollars every year, mainly because they are using outdated methodologies to tackle today’s complex challenges. At the same time, recruitment and retention of skilled employees continue to be a challenge and leaders from the World Economic Forum have stated that world-class critical thinking and problem-solving skills will continue to be in high demand across all sectors. BlueDragon IPS’s training and certification offer an excellent way to advance individual careers, as well as to develop resilient teams with strong critical thinking skills.   

Mr. De La Espriella has over 40 years of experience in the nuclear Navy and the commercial nuclear industry, where he received extensive training and developed a high degree of proficiency in solving complex problems. He was a team member of the first organization outside of Japan to win the prestigious Deming Prize, the highest and longest-running award for TQM (Total Quality Management) in the world. Mr. De La Espriella used his vast experience as a root cause practitioner and instructor to create BlueDragon, a disruptive, next-generation problem-solving system that is specifically designed to tackle the most complex of problems in modern work environments.  

BlueDragon IPS offers both online and in-person training and certification for Analyst, Practitioner and Master Practitioner levels, as well as on-site and virtual consultancy services provided by BlueDragon Master Practitioners. The analyst course starts at less than $1,000. See for details. 


For media inquiries, please contact Lesley Francis at 912-429-3950 or, Kristyn Beasley at 229-393-6457 or, or the team at 912-417-LFPR (5377).