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SAVANNAH, GA – OCTOBER 4, 2023 – Prehistoric discovery and preservation will be given the spotlight this year during National Fossil Day, celebrated on October 11, 2023. While most will focus on dinosaurs, Bill Eberlein of MegaTeeth Fossils will highlight the dinosaurs of the ocean – vertebrate fossils of prehistoric sharks also known as Megalodon shark teeth. These giant sharks dominated between 2 and 20 million years ago and have left behind their museum-quality fossilized Megalodon teeth.  

Eberlein frequents waterways off the shore of Savannah Georgia searching for Megalodon teeth, with normal dives ranging from one to two-hour sessions each time searching 50 to 70 feet of ocean floor. The water’s minerals make the teeth appear dark gray, with the clay-based mud protecting the teeth serrations from eroding over time. Once Eberlein collects the fossils, he then begins the cleaning and grading process. His business partner and wife Dodie helps curate the gallery of fossils, cleaning and storing the teeth until it is time to photograph each piece for the online storefront.    

“It is really important to me to preserve these fossils as I found them, since each tooth has a distinct history and story,” said Bill Eberlein, Founder of MegaTeeth Fossils. “This is a main reason why I don’t offer repaired teeth, only unrestored shark teeth.”   

MegaTeeth Fossils remains dedicated to providing the most clear and accurate representation of the fossils found by providing potential customers a look into collecting megalodon teeth through the Collector’s Guide on their website. Eberlein’s passion for eco-friendly exploration has created a company based in conservation and preservation.  

“National Fossil Day is such a great way of learning more about shark teeth, and all the different forms of paleontology,” said Eberlein. “It is such a cool feeling to hold a real-life fossil in your hands and imagine the creature that it once belonged to.”  

Families from all over the map can enjoy National Fossil Day in their own home with a Megalodon shark tooth. Eberlein’s Megalodon teeth and other fossils, exhibited on his on his website at, are available for purchase. Each item is from Eberlein’s personal collection. contains many informative articles and videos about fossil collecting. Each fossil purchase includes a display stand, certificate of authenticity and an article about Bill and Dodie’s fossil diving adventures. 


For media inquiries, please contact Lesley Francis at 912-429-3950 or, Chloe Davis at; or the team at 912-417-LFPR (5377).