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ATLANTA, GA – March 22, 2022 – Licensed professional counselor Dr. Dionne Bates, recently launched a reflective, hardcover journal, “Emotional Lifeline and Mapping Journal,” on Amazon to help users become more aware of their emotions, heal, and improve self-worth.

Bates holds a B.A. in sociology (with emphasis in deviant behavior), an M.A. in counseling psychology, and a Ph.D. in clinical psychology. She was an educational psychologist at Georgia Southern University’s Counseling Center five years, where she had responsibility for students’ mental health needs and provided education and support to faculty and staff. In 2015, Dr. Bates started her own practice, based in Marietta, Georgia. She’s been serving the mental-health needs of clients in the metro Atlanta area ever since. Author of the ‘Self-SOULstice Self-Affirmation Model,’ Bates works with her clients to help them reach optimal health by teaching them to affirm themselves, affirm others, and live authentically.

She carries on this mission in her new journal, which reflects her belief that when individuals realize and nurture their emotional needs, they restore mental and emotional energy, which enhances self-worth and fosters emotional healing, self-affirmation, and the affirmation of others. One of the most valuable lessons Bates has learned when working with clients is understanding the important role emotions play in everyone’s lives.

“Many of us grew up in cultures where we were taught to ‘control’ our emotions; but we don’t control our emotions. We manage our emotions and when we don’t, they control us. They control our perception of how we see ourselves and others, our perception of how others see us, and how we respond to our experiences and make decisions for ourselves,” Bates said. “Our emotions want to be acknowledged. Acknowledgment can give the emotion permission to exist, validate the emotion, and free up mental energy to allow us to think about, identify, and articulate what we need in the moment.”

Her journal encourages readers to learn to identify and acknowledge their emotions, giving voice to them. At that point, people begin to learn how their bodies conspire with their emotions to provide information about the relationship between emotional and physical wellbeing. This information is powerful and anchors the connection between the cause of the emotion and the meaning attached to the cause, forming an emotional lifeline.

Unlike any other journal, the “Emotional Lifeline and Mapping Journal,” empowers users to be very deliberate about identifying and acknowledging their emotions. The journal allows users to have awareness and understanding of the root emotion or the emotions driving their reactions, which provides clarity and helps proactively develop healthy responses. Like most journals, this journal offers ample pages for notating thoughts, feelings and reflective narratives, but it is different in the useful sense that each set of lined pages is preceded by an Emotional Lifeline and Meaning/Significance mapping page, with instructions and examples provided.

The hardcover “Emotional Lifeline and Mapping Journal” provides 60 days of colorful entries, supporting users through the process of proactively identifying significant factors that contribute to their emotions, validating their emotions, and nurturing and affirming themselves.

The journal is now available on Amazon or on Dr. Bates’ website at It is appropriate for ages 14 and up or eighth grade reading level and above.

For more information on Dr. Dionne Bates or her practice Self-SOULstice, LLC, please visit, call 678-278-2002 or email



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