Few things can make your life easier than an organized truck bed.

Stop fishing and fumbling around looking for tools and gear. Forget spending time untangling ropes and extend the life of your equipment. 

At LINE-X of Savannah, we stock all the aftermarket organization accessories you need to get your truck bed in perfect order.

Don’t know where to start? Here are some great options for truck bed organization.


DECKED is the ultimate in customizable storage solutions. If you’ve got a truck, the last thing you want is chaos in the truck bed. DECKED systems easily organize your truck bed and ensure the safety of your bed and accessories. A DECKED system is secure, weatherproof, and easy to customize. Whatever the size of your truck bed, a DECKED system will ensure maximum organization and safety. Plus, you can’t beat that streamlined look!


There is no better way to access everything you store in your truck bed than a Bed Slide. Just grab the handle and pull. You’ll instantly have the contents of your truck bed at your fingertips. It doesn’t get any easier. Plus, Bed Slides are weather resistant and have a lifetime warranty.


A toolbox offers security for your tools, organization for your truck bed, and will extend the life of anything you need to store. Check out some of our favorite brands:

  1. CAMLocker’s toolboxes are full of style, security, and dependability. With over 30 years of experience manufacturing toolboxes, CAMLocker is a highly trusted name in the toolbox industry. CAMLocker manufactures crossover, chest, side mount boxes.
  2. UWS toolboxes offer a secure storage solution for your truck bed. Manufactured in the USA and available in a wide range of styles and sizes, UWS will have a toolbox for you. These toolboxes feature UWS’s patented RigidCore lid, durable aluminum construction, and convenient access from both sides of your vehicle.
  3. A Weather Guard truck box promises quality construction and durability. Weather Guard toolboxes are popular with professionals because they are strong and can take anything. With this kind of construction, you’ll never have to worry about your tools again. Once you’ve locked your tools away in a Weather Guard box, you can be confident they are safe from theft or damage.

If one of these toolboxes doesn’t sound like it will fit your needs, we have several more options. Come visit us in the shop and we can help you make the right choice.


A cover is a must for organizing your truck bed and keeping everything safe and secure. With the following options, you’re sure to find the right cover.

  • Folding-Also allowing for quick access to the bed, folding covers offer a different, more rugged (but still sleek) look. Folding panels are also available in hard or soft materials, such as vinyl or canvas.
  • Retractable–Power or manual cover that retracts into a canister and is flush with the rails, this cover offers ease of access to cargo in the bed. Retractable covers are available in hard or soft panels.
  • Rolling-Rolling covers are opened by rolling the top from tailgate to the back of the cab. With seamless vinyl siding and lightweight materials, complete access to the truck bed is easy.
  • Fiberglass– These truck bed tonneaus or camper tops are the pinnacle of styling and protection.  Made from one piece of fiberglass, this cover will keep everything in your bed safe and weatherproof.

An Undercover SwingCase offers one of the most versatile type of storage options. Forget climbing into the back of your truck or reaching over a pile of gear. With a SwingCase, simply pull the lever and the storage box comes to you. Weather resistant and built to last, Undercover’s SwingCase can be custom fitted to your truck.


Work equipment is expensive. Why not protect it? Ladder racks increase cargo space, protect ladders, and reduce risk of injury. Kargo Master ladder racks will fit all sizes of trucks. These strong racks will stand the test of time.

No more excuses. It’s time to get that truck bed organized. Come visit us at LINE-X of Savannah and we’ll help you choose the best organization accessories for your truck. With these storage accessories, you’ll be able to tackle anything!